Australian Regionals

36% of the population of Australia lives outside metropolitan or capital cities. Add to that a market penetration of more than 80% in their local areas, and it becomes apparent that regional and suburban newspapers are a medium not to be ignored.

More than half the Australian population picks up a copy of their regional or community newspapers each week, and their popularity is evident from their steady, and in many cases, increasing circulations.

Whether your business is locally run or publicly listed, the outstanding value that Regional and Community advertising has to offer should not be underestimated.


Community Newspapers

Community newspapers play a unique role in Victoria as the main source of local news available to residents. They cover everything from local politics and natural disasters, to sporting results and birth announcements. While national and large metro newspapers provide all Australians with a “world view”, community newspapers  provide the in depth “local view”.

The strengths of community newspapers are simple: reach and engagement. They provide an expansive footprint that provides unparalleled reach for readers and advertisers. The publications are individually tailored to meet the needs of local communities they serve, with strong and very distinct points of view in each marketplace.